The Holy Trinity Prayer House
Dicalced Carmelite Friars, Piotrkowice, Poland.

Our monastery is situated a 100 Kilometres north of Cracow. In addition to the Parish and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto, it carries out the mission of the "House of Prayer". At the beginning of 2003, after the necessary work and adjustments, our Carmelite community is able to receive anyone who would like to share with us the experience of prayer, silence, solitude and community life.

The house is dedicated to the Holy Trinity as a model of true communion. The stained glass of the Trinity by Reblov, is situated inside the chapel as a sign that reminds us of this truth. The atmosphere of the place renders it more favourable thanks to the church (XVIII century), the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto (XVIII century) and the nature that surrounds the monastery which is enclosed in an enormous garden (6,5 h).

If you would like our community to pray for you or your intentions, write to:

Our Address:
Karmelici Bosi
Piotrkowice, ul. Kościelna 1
26-020 Chmielnik
tel: 0048/41 354 93 95; 0048/41 354 90 09

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